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IV Hydration 

Our IV fluids are mixed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for the perfect cocktail for you. When ingested orally the absorption rate is less than 30%, but given IV your body is able to absorb 100%. Many people are dehydrated, and suffer from vitamin deficiencies. With IV therapy your nutritional health will improve significantly. Choose from one of our many popular cocktails, or allow us to customize a bag specifically for your needs. *No preservatives *Medically supervised with licensed staff*High doses the body can’t absorb orally *Comfortable environment 
Big plans for the weekend? Call and reserve our IV room for you and your friends to boost your energy prior to a night out! 


Injections and add ons 

We offer a wide array of walk-in injections. They can be given by themselves or added with an IV hydration bag. We offer steroid injections, IV and IM nausea medications, B12, Vitamin D, Lipo/B12, glutathione, and several others! 

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